Saturday, July 20, 2013

Betting Challenge Day 1

So here it goes!

I've finally opened up an online betting account to put my money where my mouth is, and I've decided to take up a challenge of some sorts.

Take five euros and win back TWENTY TIMES that amount.

I know what many long time betting sufferers are thinking, in a business where losing is the order of the day, surely that is near impossible, and yes, you're quite right it is. But I have a plan to try and overcome this.

Starting with five euros I will put on a bet which is either 1-10 or lower, basically near bankers. With the money I make I will put it back down on the next bet, so my bets get gradually greater as I keep winning. Obviously I'll need a winning streak but with the odds being so high there's a much better chance of that happening than usual. I will update you day by day on my proceedings.

FC Kansas City Women to Win, in play - WIN = 5.50

So my first bet was a 10-1 shout for Kansas City women to see out the remaining five minutes of the game with their one goal victory. Not only did they do that but less than a minute into the bet they scored a second having been on 12-1 before the goal went in. That went rather nicely and I won myself a meagre fifty cents to start with!

On a sidenote, that took me to a profit of almost three euros from a tenner bet, not too shabby!

Tomorrow's Bet: England to beat Australia in Ashes 2nd test - 1/12

Apart from one or two hiccoughs, England have been rampant in the Ashes so far. A brave Aussie fightback in the first test saw a very close finish indeed, but it's been a completely different ballgame this time around.

Despite taking quick early wickets in both England innings, Australia find themselves 566 runs down, needing to take five more England wickets to stem the run tide. There's also two more days for England to bowl them out, on a pitch that on today's play will suit Graeme Swann perfectly. The Aussies capitulated in the first innings and have very few quality batsmen. England can take the lead to at least 650 and still have four sessions to bowl out the Aussies which I think will happen.

Throwing down my 5.50 wins me back 5.95

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